24/7 drawer unit, white

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The 24/7 drawer unit from Finnish Adi keeps stationery and documents at hand right under your desk. The top drawer features a convenient tray for pens and other office supplies. Since the drawers have an indentation for opening on both sides, the unit can be placed on either side of the desk. The 24/7 drawer unit is easy to move thanks to the wheels and goes well together with the 24/7 electric desk. The drawer unit is also available with a lock. If you would like to purchase it, please contact our customer service.

24/7 is Finnish Design Shop’s own office furniture collection. It features beautiful, versatile pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching with each other as well as with other furniture and accessories. The range, manufactured in Finland, includes a meeting table, electric height-adjustable desk, open shelf, drawer unit and cabinets with wheels. The minimalist designs make perfect building blocks for creating a pleasant and functional workspace in both homes and offices.

Width 43 cm, depth 56 cm, height 64 cm
Frame: 18 mm melamine coated chipboard. Front panels: 18 mm painted MDF