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Now you can invite Arne Jacobsen's classic stroke into your kitchen and at the same time enjoy the jar's multi-functionality ability. Use it to store everything from vitamins to coffee or tea. A for Arne, B for beautiful, C for clever, D for design and E for everlasting. 

Arne Jacobsen cups are decorated by the letters originally created in 1937 by the world renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen for Aarhus City Hall. Despite its age, this Bauhaus inspired typography is still modern and fresh. Recently the Danish company Design Letters was given the permission to revive Arne Jacobsen’s stylish stroke on a beautiful porcelain cup. Now you can enjoy Arne Jacobsen’s elegant typography on your personal cup. Use it for coffee, pencils, your toothbrush – or get an “S” as a sugar bowl. Your table will love it.

Design Letters
Arne Jacobsen
Ceramic, wooden lid
White, black
12 cm
11,5 cm


Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is the most celebrated post-war Danish designer and architect. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in 1924 and from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied architecture, in 1927. Arne Jacobsen worked actively both as an architect and as a designer and received many prestigious awards for his designs, including C. F. Hansen Medal and the Grand Prix of Milan XI Triennale.

Jacobsen’s most famous project was the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (1956-1960), for which he designed every detail from textiles and lamps to cutlery and furniture. The AJ lamps, designed for the Royal Hotel and manufactured by Louis Poulsen, are a fine example of his streamlined and elegant style. The cutlery designed for the Royal Hotel and produced by Georg Jensen, represents a stylish design that is still today much praised. Also, the famous Egg and Swan chairs were designed for the Royal Hotel. As often happened with Arne Jacobsen’s designs, they were initially realized for a certain project and only later put into serial production – the same happened for the AJ lamps, the cutlery and the furniture he designed for the hotel. Royal Hotel was an extremely important project for Jacobsen because he could finally put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice.

Jacobsen is well-known also for the Cylinda Line range, designed for Stelton in 1967. Since the very beginning, Cylinda Line has been an undisputed icon of Scandinavian design and today the range is part of numerous permanent collections in design museums all over the world.

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