Smart Garden 6, white

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The Smart Garden by Plantui is an innovative, soil-free indoor gardening device. Now you can grow your own herbs and salads easily at home – whole year round! The Smart Garden functions almost automatically, you just need to add water, nutrients and place Plantui’s own plant capsules to the device. Choose the plants from Plantui’s selection of herbs, salad greens and edible flowers. The Smart Garden is designed and made in Finland by Plantui.

The 18 high-end led lights provide the best spectrums and intensity needed to create perfect germination and growth conditions for your greens. Smart Garden uses the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it quitly pumps water to the roots 0-7 times a day. With the two height blocks you can adjust the height of the light unit to suit the growth stage of your plants. Note that the plants need rest just the same as we do. The innovative light unit has a timer that is easy to use and change just by touching the top of the device. 

The germination takes about two weeks and the plants are full grown in about 6 weeks. In one Smart Garden you can grow six plants at a time. You just need to add water and nutrient a couple of times during the growth period. The bowl, the water tray, the plant tray and the plant holders are all dishwasher safe. The Smart Garden consumes 60 kWh per year when on all the time.

Janne Loiske
ABS (BPA-free)
21 cm (germination phase), 30 cm (1 height block), 37 cm (2 height blocks)
29 cm
Low-voltage (12V) device. Consumes 60 kWh per year.
2 years