Riippu hanging basket

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Hakola’s Riippu hanging basket, designed by Samuli Helavuo, is a simplistic, rounded hanging basket for plants, flowers and herbs. Its airy and fresh design looks beautiful by a window, wall or hanging in an open space. The hanging basket consists of a 43 cm high metal frame, a 43 cm hook and a small C-hook for connecting two baskets. Combine it with the separately sold Ruukku pot or use your own. The product is handmade in Hakola’s own factory in Jurva, Finland.

Samuli Helavuo
Length 12,5 cm, width 18,5 cm, height 86 cm


Samuli Helavuo

Samuli Helavuo

Samuli Helavuo is a Finnish designer who has studied in Lahti Institute of Design and in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University, Helsinki. Helavuo is an observer who enjoys quietness and likes to combine functional design with timeless aesthetics. He has won various design prizes, such as the Finnish Muoto 2015 award and the Norwegian Northern Lighting Design Award.

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