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Design House Stockholm's Grow mini green house, designed by Caroline Wetterling, is meant for growing plants and flowers, and it doubles as a beautiful decorative object. The mini greenhouse consists of two glass parts: the bottom part is for the soil and the top has a small spout, which makes it suitable also for watering the plant. The Grow mini greenhouse is hand-made glass.

Design House Stockholm
Caroline Wetterling
Diameter 12 cm, height 24 cm


Caroline Wetterling

Caroline Wetterling

The Swedish designer Caroline Wetteling (b.1982) studied at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and Beckman’s College of Design. Since her graduation in 2007 she has worked as a product, furniture and interior designer in Stockholm. Wetterling wants to encourage the participation of the users and the recognition of details in every day life.

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