SunLight Lounge, large

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Eva Solo’s large SunLight Lounge lamp runs on solar energy, but it can also be charged with a USB cable. Its simple shade is made of frosted glass and the base is anodised aluminium. The lamp’s height is 50,5 cm.

The SunLight lamps feature a simple, modern design that conceals an environment-friendly solar cell panel. Once charged for a day in full sunlight the lights provide illumination up to 20 hours. After dark, the cordless lamps will light up automatically and can be turned off with the power switch. The Sunlight lamps create a pleasant ambience in gardens and on patios, and make an ideal source of light for any environment without electricity, such as parks and summer cottages.

Eva Solo
Includes a USB charging cable. The solar cell panel requires direct sunlight to charge.
50,5 cm
Frosted glass, anodised aluminium