Bird feeder Mini, 2 pcs

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Eva Solo’s mini bird feeder was inspired by the weaverbird’s nest – a natural and pleasant shape for small birds. The glass feeder offers unobstructed views for the small visitors and observers alike, and it is easy to clean and hang anywhere in the garden. The mini bird feeder comes in sets of two.

Eva Solo
Tools Design
Height 11 cm, width 12 cm
Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, silicone
Wire length 30 cm


Tools Design

Tools Design

Tools Design is a Danish design studio founded in 1989 by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. Claus Jensen (b. 1966) is an industrial designer who has graduated from the Danish Design School, Copenhagen, and Henrik Holbæk (b. 1960) is an industrial designer and architect who has graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, Department of Industrial Design, Copenhagen.

The products of Tools Design are often characterized by a simplistic and innovative approach. Their products’ range goes from electronics and medical equipment to household products. The design philosophy of Tools Design is to put “something extra” into the products. The strength of the studio is to manage product design and communication to create lifestyle design. Tools Design has designed the entire Eva Solo’s product range – a wide range of items that go from kitchen accessories and utensils to outdoor products and bathroom accessories, all characterized by an innovative design. With more than 200 awards and distinctions, Tools Design rank amongst Denmark’s most awarded designers.

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