Yeh Wall table low, white

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Menu's Yeh Wall table was designed by Kenyon Yeh, who took his inspiration from a cheerleader practice where you sit without a chair with legs in a 90-degree angle and back resting against a wall. He designed the minimalist Yeh Wall table that features only two feet instead of four. The missing feet are compensated by bending a part of the table upwards so that it stands against a wall, just like cheerleaders. The concealed screw mounting brings the table added support. The fun and unique table suits any room and excels in small spaces.

Kenyon Yeh
40 cm
32 cm
52,5 cm
Powder coated steel


Kenyon Yeh

Kenyon Yeh

The Indonesian designer Kenyon Yeh (b.1983) graduated from Kingston University in 2009. A year after he established his own studio in London, producing his own handmade UNIKEA-collection. Today the Kenyon Yeah Studio is situated in Taipei and Taiwan where the designer nowadays lives and works.

Yeh focuses on furniture, light and product design and works together with international clients like Selett, Menu and Esaila. His work has been exhibited and published in several different medias and exhibitions.

In the design process Yeh relies on classical lines and unexpected choices. Creativity, new and interesting approaches and practical forms are combined in his work. 

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