February table, ash

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February table is designed by Thomas Sandell. The stability of the table lies within the stone weight of the leg. Thanks to the handle the table can be easily moved around.

Nikari asked twelve designers or design studios to give their response to Nikari’s design philosophy in the form of a product. The project was called Project 2012 Designs for Nature: Nikari co-operates with the Finnish WWF and part of the sales price is donated to protecting rainforests and forests globally.

Thomas Sandell
38,5 cm
Total height 67 cm, height 45,5 cm
Ash, granite


Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell (b. 1959) studied in the Royal Institute of Technology and graduated in 1985. Sandell founded the design agency called sandellsandberg in 1995 together with Ulf Sandberg and Joakim Uebel. 

Today they have over 60 employees and they work widely in the fields of architecture, design and advertising.

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