Bauhaus bar wagon

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The timeless Bauhaus trolley was designed by Herbert Hirche in 1956, and Richard Lampert, to honour Hirche’s centenary, launched a re-edition 54 years later. The simple glass shelves and black, minimalistic steel frame form a stunning piece of furniture. Bauhaus functions as a stylish serving trolley, side table or nightstand and will infuse your home with Hirche's elegance.

Richard Lampert
Herbert Hirche
Powder coated steel, glass
Length 700 mm, width 464 mm, height, 506 mm


Herbert Hirche

Herbert Hirche

Herbert Hirche (1910–2002) was a German architect and designer, who studied in the famous Bauhaus school in Dessau and Berlin taught by such names as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Wassily Kandinski. Hirche, initially trained as a carpenter, worked for Mies, Egon Eiermann and Hans Scharoun before being appointed Professor of Applied Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Berlin-Weißensee in 1948. Four years later he was granted the Professorship of Interior Design and Furniture Making at Stuttgart’s State Academy of Arts. Hirche was also a member of the German Design Council and worked as the Academy’s rector in Stuttgart in 1969–1971.

Hirche’s furniture was manufactured by Walter Knoll, Wilkhahn, Holzäpfel and Wilde+Spieth. He also created several designs for Braun, including the HM5-7 music cabinet and HF1 television, and designed a number of interiors, office buildings, homes and factories. Hirche’s simple and elegant designs were presented at various editions of the Milan Triennale and the World Fair of 1958 in Brussels. 

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