My Table, small, black

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The minimalist appearance of Normann Copenhagen’s black My Table comes from the combination of powder-coated steel legs and square-shaped, laminated tabletop with rounded corners. Designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, My Table has a harmonic, carefully though out design, with all but the most necessary elements left out. The tables from My Table collection fit perfectly to kitchens as well as offices and public spaces. My Table matches seamlessly together with many kinds of chairs, and especially fine it combines with the chairs from Normann Copenhagen’s My Chair collection, also designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen.

Normann Copenhagen
Nicholai Wiig Hansen
Powder-coated steel, laminate
Height 74 cm, length 90 cm, depth 90 cm


Nicholai Wiig Hansen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen

The Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen opened his own studio when he was 26-years old. He has designed furniture for companies like IKEA and Normann Copenhagen. When Wiig Hansen designs he uses himself as a target group. Proportions are also extremely important to him and he does not add any details if they don’t serve a certain purpos

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