Em Table 200 x 90 cm, oak - black

1-2 months

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Vitra’s EM Table is a streamlined table which was designed by the French engineer and designer Jean Prouvé for the modernist, prefabricated housing project La Maison Tropicale in 1950. EM Table’s powder-coated steel frame and diagonal legs adhere to the structural principles of architecture and engineering. The simple, rectangular tabletop is available in solid wood or laminate. EM Table is a timeless classic as a dining or conference table, and its shape and colours match seamlessly with Prouvé’s Standard chairs.

Jean Prouvé
Oak, black
Height 74 cm, width 90 cm, length 200 cm
34 mm thick oiled oak table top, base bent steal with powder coated finish


Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé (1909–1984) was a French metal artisan, engineer and self-taught architect and designer, who had a great influence on European post-war design and design philosophy. Social conscience and easy accessibility were essential starting points for Prouvé’s designs, which were often based on prefabricated housing, modular systems and mass-production. 

Prouvé opened his own workshop in Nancy, France in 1924, and later expanded it into a furniture factory. Prouvé’s designs were widely used in French public institutes, and his prefabricated houses known as 'Maison Tropicale' were also sent to French colonies in Africa in mid-twentieth century. His background as a metal worker and engineer characterizes his best known designs, such as the Standard chair and Em table currently produced by Vitra.

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