Split table

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The Split table by Staffan Holm has solid wood legs that seem to split along the middle. The legs are handcrafted and they create a refined yet stable resting point for the table top. The Split table is characterized by classic Scandinavian craftmanship and iconic detailing. The designer Staffan Holm says: "I wanted the table top to have an organic expression and to combine a structural solidity with a seemingly more delicate balancing act. The detail of the legs being split and bent has the expression and quality of a skilled cabinet-maker and is likely to become a hallmark of the Split table."

Staffan Holm
Solid oak
Height 73 cm, width 90 cm, length 220 cm
Natural oak


Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm (b. 1977) is a Swedish designer, who lives in Gothenburg and works widely with interior, industrial and furniture design. Holms aim is to evoke feelings with the products he has designed and to get people to fall in love and to get attached with them.

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