Clash 837R table, 120 cm

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Clash 837R table by Naamanka is a characterful combination of ash-veneered, rectangular tabletop and slightly diagonal legs made of solid wood. Its lightweight design is enabled by an integrated metal fitting under the tabletop. Designed by the awarded designer Samuli Naamanka in 2012, Clash 837R makes an excellent dining table, and it matches perfectly with the chairs from the Clash collection.

Naamanka’s Clash range was named after its innovative assembly method – the seat and legs are attached together by simply clashing them together. The collection has been manufactured in Finland using old woodworking traditions and modern methods of production.

Samuli Naamanka
Comes with 4 felt pads. Tabletop and legs separately packed.
Lacquered solid wood with ash veneer, metal
Ash, black
Diameter 120 cm, height 73 cm