Aalto table 84 all black

2-4 months

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Artek tables are based on different combinations of Alvar Aalto’s L-leg and table tops. Alvar Aalto introduced the bent L-leg for the first time in 1933 and it became a standard component of Aalto’s pieces of furniture. Judging his importance as designer and architect, Alvar Aalto considered as his greatest achievement the development of the L-leg. In his opinion its revolutionary character was comparable to the architectonic column. And actually he even called the L-leg as "the little sister of architectonic column". The development of the L-leg was really significant because it solved the problem of attaching chairs’ and tables’ legs directly to the table tops in a way never seen before – the leg could be fastened with screws directly to the table top and the final result was already in itself a solid structure.

Alvar Aalto
Length 120 cm, width 120 cm, height 74 cm
Painted birch, linoleum