Airy coffee table, small, black, older version

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The Airy sofa table is designed by Cecilie Manz for Muuto. Combine different sizes, shapes and colors: Airy looks at its best in groups. Airy consists of a polished plywood table top and a metal frame that creates a light and delicate silhouette. The tables come in different sizes and colors. Cecilie Manz has said: “The idea behind Airy was to create a coffee table that did not scream but still was not afraid to speak. The result is a table series that masters the fine balance between being light and airy, and at the same time having plenty of personality and individuality. Due to this combination Airy gets a multi-functionality that makes the side tables suitable for every kind of interior.”

Cecilie Manz
Height 37,2 cm, lenght 68 cm, width 44 cm
Plywood table top, Fundermax laminate finish, powder coated steel frame