Step Mini stepladder, black

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Changing a light bulb. Reaching for that book. Or the coffee grinder on the top shelf in the kitchen. No home is complete without a stepladder. But usually they are just functional, dreary objects intruding on the home decor. Karl Malmvall’s Step is another matter. Functional yet decorative, a standalone interior object in high gloss color. Red, black, or white. After use, why not leave it on the wall as a graphic addition? “We have more and more stuff in our homes, electrical gadgets, kitchen appliances, etc. We use our apartments from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. I want to leave the stepladder readily available on the wall, instead of hiding it away in a closet. Step is only 45 mm thick, and always ready to be used!" Foldable stepladder supplied with a peg for wall-mounting.

Design House Stockholm
Karl Malmvall
Width 47.5 cm, height 96 cm, depth 4.5 cm
Solid beech, high gloss lacquer