Step Mini stepladder, oak

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Step ladder designed by Karl Malmvall is so beautiful that there is no need to hide it after use. Made out of oak, the ladder comes with a special made hook which makes it possible to hang the ladder up to the wall – this way they are reachable whenever you need them.

Design House Stockholm
Karl Malmvall
Measurements folded: leveys 47,5 cm, height 96 cm, depth 4,5 cm, Measurements unfolded: platform height 45 cm, total height 81 cm, depth 61 cm


Karl Malmvall

Karl Malmvall

Karl Malmvall (born 1965) is a Swedish industrial designer. He worked as designer for Ikea from 1990-2002 and in 2002 founded his own design office Duduk Design in Stockholm. Malmvall has been awarded four times for the Excellent Swedish Design Award and has also received the Red Dot Design Award in 2008.

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