Reykjavik Daybed, douglas pine

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Skagerak’s Reykjavik daybed is a delightful take on Icelandic architecture: its form was inspired by the capital's wooden buildings with colourful, corrugated metal roofs and panels. Designed by Included Middle, the daybed has been crafted of douglas pine planks from Dinesen, a Danish company known for its unique wood floors, and the mattress and cushion with rounded ends come upholstered with Kvadrat’s wool fabric. The Reykjavik daybed stands out not only due to its high-quality materials but also due to its beautiful silhouette and refined colour palette.

Included Middle
Douglas pine, wool
Length 200 cm, width 73,5 cm, height 38 cm
Reversible mattress


Included Middle

Included Middle

Included Middle is a design duo founded in 2014 by furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. The work of Included Middle often combines both furniture and textile design, and the duo likes to explore the interactions of different shapes, colours and patterns with a curious attitude and skilled manner.

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