Folded shelf, grey, medium

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Muuto’s Folded shelves feature a sophisticated, minimalist form that consists of a single folded sheet of steel. Designer Johan van Hengel drew his inspiration from the play of layers and shadows and created a collection of simple metal shelves with pocket-like elements for organising and supporting objects. The Folded shelves are perfect for storing and displaying both everyday essentials and favourite keepsakes. They are available in three sizes and come with two convenient hooks for hanging clothes, bags, accessories and towels. 

Johan van Hengel
Acrylic powder coated steel
Length 62 cm, height 16,5 cm, depth 12,4 cm


Johan van Hengel

Johan van Hengel

Johan van Hengel is a Dutch designer who founded his own studio in 2013 to Rotterdam. With an education in industrial design, Van Hengel's work ranges from consumer electronics to lightning and furniture design, such as the Folded shelf for Muuto and the 30degree lamp for Hay. His design philosophy is based on a logical and investigative approach with love for sophisticated functionality and subtle elements of surprise.

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