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Skagerak’s Vivlio frame is part of the Vivlio shelving system designed by Included Middle. Made of slim and sturdy steel, the Vivlio frames can be piled up, arrenged side by side and combined with all sizes of the Vivlio shelves. 

Skagerak’s Vivlio shelving system features frames and shelves in several sizes and finishes. Their flexible, modular structure makes it possible to create an endless amount of storing units from single-coloured, symmetrical shelves to distinctive combinations or colours and shapes. Use the Vivlio frames and shelves to create a small side table, airy room divider or extra large bookshelf covering the entire wall, whichever suits your needs! The classic combination of wood and metal is both durable and enchantingly simple.

Included Middle
Silk grey
Width 83,5 cm, depth 26 cm, height 29,5 cm
Maximum height of the shelving system is 7 frames.


Included Middle

Included Middle

Included Middle is a design duo founded in 2014 by furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. The work of Included Middle often combines both furniture and textile design, and the duo likes to explore the interactions of different shapes, colours and patterns with a curious attitude and skilled manner.

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