Classic open shelf Special Edition, high, aqua

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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Finnish furniture manufacturer Lundia has released a special edition of its most popular product, the open shelf. The shelf is coloured with a fresh tone of aqua, and only a limited edition of 100 pieces has been manufactured. The beautiful collector's item combines easily with other members from the Lundia Classic collection.

Open shelf from Lundia’s Classic collection is a design classic that has been cherished in Finnish homes since 1948. The possibilities are endless: use it as a bookshelf or place it in the nursery or kitchen – you decide! The shelf is easy to assemble and dismantle whenever needed. If you need more storage space, you can expand it with shelves and uprights, and modify it with doors, drawers, dividers and other parts from the Lundia Classic range. The shelf is made of slowly grown Finnish pine wood that makes it a strong, ecological and timeless icon of Finnish design.

Painted pinewood
Aqua ( Aalto H440 paint by Tikkurila)
Height 208 cm, width 84 cm, depth 30 cm