Cork Family, Model C

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Vitra’s Cork Family is a delightful collection of side tables entirely made of cork. The designer Jasper Morrison gave the Cork Family tables clear, geometrical shapes with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, which contrast vividly with the natural shades and velvety surface of cork. Thanks to the lightweight and durable properties of cork, the three members of the Cork Family also function perfectly as stools.

Jasper Morrison
Diameter 31 cm, height 33 cm


Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison (s.1959) is one of today’s most influential industrial designers. He is known for a aesthetic and quietly humorous style and he has designed everything from tray-tables to tram systems.

In 1986 he opened a design studio in London. From his studio he has worked together with big international clients. His work has also been showed in several international exhibitions.

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