Stolab's Lilla Åland chair is a Swedish classic designed by Carl Malmsten in 1942. Malmsten drew up the chair design after his visit to the Finström Church on the Åland island that is located between Sweden and Finland – he was inspired by a stack of stick-back chairs he saw in the church and decided to create his own version of them. The end result was a modern Windsor-style chair named Lilla Åland as a reference to the chair’s original inspiration. The wooden dining chair is manufactured at Stolab's own factory in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, and is available in a number of colours and finishes.


Lilla Åland chair




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Black or white
44 cm
57 cm
88 cm
Seat depth
43 cm
Seat height
44 cm

Carl Malmsten

Carl Malmsten (1888–1972) was a Swedish educator, architect and furniture designer. Malmsten was also one of the leading interior and textile designers of his time, and he was known as an advocate of Swedish handicrafts who opposed functionalism. Typical features of his design included plush and rustic shapes as well as perfectly executed wooden details.

Malmsten’s breakthrough came in 1916 when a chair he designed won both first and second prizes in a design competition organized by Stockholm City Hall. This opened up many possibilities for the designer; during his career, Malmsten was able to design furniture for the Swedish royal family, among others. Malmsten also had a significant influence on Swedish furniture design in the field of education, as in addition to his actual design work, he founded several schools in the field. The Carl Malmstensskolan carpentry school in Stockholm is one of the most prestigious fine carpentry schools in the Nordic countries.

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