J110 chair, grey

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Hay’s J110 dining chair, designed by Poul M. Volther, is a beautiful wooden chair made of solid beech. J110 has the same seat height as other dining chairs of the collection, but because of its high back and armrests, it bears a certain resemblance to a lounge chair. Place the J110 chair by a dining table or use it as a lightweight lounge chair to add a fresh Scandinavian touch to any room of your home.

J110 dining chair is part of Hay's 2011 relaunch of the Danish furniture classics originally made for FDB, the Danish Consumers’ Co-operative Society. FDB’s furniture production started in the 1940s and their main idea was functionalist and democratic design for the people. Thanks to industrial production, FDB was able to manufacture high quality design furniture for ordinary people at relatively low prices.

Jørgen Bækmark
Depth 60 cm, width 53 cm, seat height 44,5 cm, height 106 cm
Solid beech