Fiber armchair, tube base, Remix 183/black

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The pleasant Fiber chair by Muuto is made from an innovative composite material consisting of plastic and wood fibers. From further away Fiber looks like a smooth plastic chair, but a closer look reveals the beautiful wood fibers in the surface of the shell material. Fiber chair can be used at home and office, and it’s a perfect dining room chair. Choose your favorite from different base, colour and upholstery options.

Iskos-Berlin, the designer of the Fiber chair, has said: "One of the most difficult and noble disciplines is to design without eccentricity. To create simple, well-functioning, almost ordinary objects that nevertheless have strong identities. We designed Fiber chair to do just that with a clear sculptural language that refuses to compromise on comfort. It’s a chair stripped of all unnecessary layers leaving the chair with a seat, back and armrests that is integrated in one harmonious shell, perfect for nesting yourself into. The iconic form marries soft, embracing curves with an environmentally friendly wood fiber composite, giving Fiber chair a distinctive tactile texture while also keeping it 100% recyclable.”

54,5 cm
56 cm
77,5 cm, käsinojien korkeus 67,5 cm
Seat height:
46 cm
Frame material:
Powder coated steel
Seat material:
Wood and plastic fibers 25%, 70% polyproplen, 5% coloured polyproplen




Copenhagen based Iskos-Berlin is a partnership between the designers Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. Founded in 2010, Iskos-Berlin works in furniture design and also industrial and graphic design. The creative duo experiments with new techniques and materials to see what kind of an impact they have on everyday objects.

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