No 8 chair, soaped oak - grey fabric

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Sibast No 8 is an iconic wooden chair and one of the best-known designs of the Danish cabinetmaker Helge Sibast. Designed in 1953, the functional and refined Chair No 8 reflects the principles of the Danish Modern movement, and in the 1950s and 1960s, it made its way to homes around the world. Its airy character comes from a Y-shaped leg structure combined with a curved, spindled backrest that opens up like a fan. The chair is a fine example of modern Danish craftsmanship, and it is part of the Sibast Furniture collection featuring Helge Sibast’s original works and new Danish design.

Helge Sibast
Soaped oak, grey
54,5 cm
73,5 cm
Seat height:
45 cm
Frame material:
Solid oak
Upholstery fabric:
Kvadrat Remix2 fabric (90 % new wool, 10 % nylon)


Helge Sibast

Helge Sibast

Helge Sibast (1908-1985) was a Danish cabinetmaker and designer who continued the work of his father Peder Olsen Sibast. Besides a skillful carpenter, Helge Sibast was also a visionary designer, and in the 1950s and 1960s his simple, functional and high-quality designs gained success also outside Denmark, and even made their way to the White House. His best known designs, Sibast chairs No 7 and 8, Helge Sibast designed in 1953. In the 21st century Sibast’s tradition is carried on by Sibast Furniture, which was relaunched in 2012 by Helge Sibast’s grandson and his wife.

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