About a Chair AAC16, concrete grey - black

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Hay’s AAC16 chair continues the minimalist line of the popular About A Chair collection. A combination of flowingly shaped polypropylene shell and slim metal legs, AAC16 is a versatile, stackable chair that is pleasant to sit on. 

The About A Chair collection is the result of close collaboration between Hay and designer Hee Welling. The idea behind the About A Chair was to develop a piece of furniture with conspicuous simplicity; a chair that works well in domestic environments as well as in public spaces, such as restaurants, cafeterias and offices. The pleasant, minimalist design is a guarantee for functionality and versatility.

Hee Welling
Concrete grey seat, black legs
58 cm
50 cm
78 cm
Seat height:
46 cm
Polypropylene, steel


Hee Welling

Hee Welling

Hee Welling is a Danish designer who graduated as a designer from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 2003, specialising in product and furniture design. Hee Welling’s designs are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, which is evident in his simple, functional and refined designs. Form and function are the two important guidelines in his works.

Immediately after graduation he established Hee Welling Design Studio in Copenhagen. Besides working in his own studio, Hee Welling also teaches international students at the Danish Design School . Hee Welling’s work has been exhibited at fairs in Cologne, London, New York, Milan, Singapore, Stockholm and Tokyo. Hee Welling’s most famous design is the Hee chair, available in different versions – Hee dining chair, Hee lounge chair and Hee bar chair – and colours. The idea for the Hee chairs derives from an ambition to make an eco-friendly chair where the materials are easily recyclable. The starting point was to make a cool and basic chair that would fit most locations – modern but not so typical of the period, that it does not have a long life. There is nothing superfluous or ornamented about the chair and nothing can be removed without losing the function. The chair has a playful expression but does not let the design compromise its purpose. The chair is made from 11 mm metal wire and the form refers to a sketch - a pencil drawing in three dimensions. The Hee chair is, among other places, being used in the new Oslo Opera and at the Australian Parliament. The chair is stackable and suitable for outdoor use as well.

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