About A Chair AAC12, yellow - lacquered oak

In stock on 29 May, 2018

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AAC12 is an airy and elegant addition to Hay's Abour A Chair collection.

About A Chair by Hay is a collection with outstanding simplicity in design, result of close collaboration between Hee Welling and HAY. The idea behind the About A Chair collection was to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity, a chair which works well around the dining table, around a conference table, as well as in a restaurant, cafeteria or at the office. The chairs are simple and plain and can because of that be combined without any problems with other furniture and surroundings. The simplicity of the collection is a guarantee for functionality and combinability. With About A Chair collection the designer Hee Welling reached a new level in the combination of shape, function, comfort, detail, and aesthetic.

Hee Welling
Width 51 cm, depth 50,5 cm, seat height 46 cm, height 78,5 cm
Polypropylene, lacquered oak
Yellow, oak