Vaarnii’s pinewood chair may look stiff and angular, but thanks to the curved seat, it is surprisingly comfortable to sit on. The dimensions of the chair, designed by Fredrik Paulsen, are also restrained in relation to its sturdy shapes. As a practical detail, there is a groove under the seat, allowing you to pull the chair out more easily.

In addition to the brutal design language typical of Paulsen's design, there is another element favoured by Paulsen heavily present in the chair: pinewood. According to the designer, the natural knots and grain of pine form fascinating patterns that are downright “psychedelic”, and they look best on large surfaces – hence the bulky design. Pinewood also ages quite beautifully due to the oils and resins that naturally occur in the wood, turning into a rich honey colour as the wood is exposed to UV rays.


001 dining chair, pine



In stock on 10 May, 2021


Oil waxed pine
41 cm
48 cm
80 cm
Seat height
48 cm
FSC certified pine
Maximum load capacity
300 kg
11 kg
Pine is a soft wood and will suffer some dents and scratches over time, which should be embraced and enjoyed as characterful signs of aging. Pine will naturally change color as it ages with your pale piece of furniture gradually maturing to a beautiful honey color over the course of several years.
Care instructions
Use a microfiber cloth when dusting Vaarnii products. Do not use any solvents on wood, only water is recommended.

Fredrik Paulsen

Fredrik Paulsen is a Swedish designer whose multidisciplinary work often features themes such as anti-consumption, escapism and psychedelia, as well as countercultures. With his designs, he wants to challenge the preciousness and sophistication traditionally associated with the field – instead, he aims at designs that are carefree, playful and that create a sense of community. Paulsen, who studied at the Beckmans School of Design and the Royal College of Art in London, lives and works in Stockholm.

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