Mono bar stool 65 cm, black

In stock on 4 Feb, 2019

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Mono bar stool by Woud reshapes traditional Scandinavian wood design with a new plywood technique. Created by the Finnish designer Kasper Nyman for the Danish brand Woud, Mono chairs were inspired by a shape of a folded paper cone – the overlapping construction of the seat is enabled by a thermoformable Grada wood that can be shaped into more challenging forms than ordinary plywood. The result is a smooth, simple and extremely sophisticated wooden chair, perfected with a beautiful drop-shaped hole. The chairs of the Mono collection are manufactured in Denmark.

Kasper Nyman
Best suited for approx. 90 cm high tables
Width 42,2 cm, depth 42,8 cm, height 77,6 cm , seat height 65 cm
Seat: painted oak veneer Grada, frame: painted solid oak


Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish furniture designer who runs his own studio Office KN in Helsinki. A 2017 graduate from Aalto University’s program of Furniture Design, Nyman continues the simplistic Scandinavian design traditions with his functional, visually precise products that have a strong focus on the natural character of different materials. A fine example of Nyman’s skills is the Mono chair designed for the Danish brand Woud.

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