Clash 237A bar stool, 65 cm

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Clash 237A bar stool by Naamanka merges together slim, angular metal legs and a flowingly shaped wooden seat. Designed by Samuli Naamanka in 2006, characterful all-purpose stool is a sculptural piece of art, perfect for all types of modern homes as well as public spaces.

Naamanka’s Clash range was named after its innovative assembly method – the seat and legs are attached together by simply clashing them together. The collection has been manufactured in Finland using old woodworking traditions and modern methods of production.

Samuli Naamanka
Ash seat, chrome legs
Width 39 cm, depth 46 cm, height 65 cm
Comes with 4 felt pads
Ash, chrome


Samuli Naamanka

Samuli Naamanka

Samuli Naamanka (b. 1969) is a Finnish interior architect and furniture designer whose designs combine old woodcrafting traditions with modern, technical innovations. Naamanka graduated as a Master of Arts from Helsinki’s Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2000, and continued his studies in Denmark's Design School. Besides product and interior design, Naamanka specializes in environmental design and experimenting with new materials and techniques: his master’s thesis led to a patent invention for a Graphic Concrete patterning technology, and in 2010 he won the EcoDesign lighting award with his Biodegradable Roll lamp, which was made of polylactic acid from starch sugar. In 2017 Naamanka founded his own design brand – Naamanka's collections include modern classics of Finnish design, such as the internationally awarded Clash chairs.

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