My Own Chair, brown oiled oak - natural

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Flemming Lassen designed My Own Chair in 1938 for the Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. As the design was ahead of its time, it was not put into production but remained in the architect’s personal use and became his favourite chair. The sculptural but comfortable piece of furniture catches the eye with its large, curved backrest and alludes to Lassen’s love for simple, rounded forms, precise details and functionality. When his son sold the original chair in an auction in 2014, the hammer price was a staggering 120 000 euros. Two years later, My Own Chair was launched By Lassen and is now available to all fans of Danish design classics.

By Lassen
Flemming Lassen
Oak, Stoltz Vegetal leather
Brown-oiled oak, natural leather (90)
Height 102 cm, depth 83 cm, width 88 cm, seat height 40 cm, seat width 40 cm