Emeco’s 1006 Navy chair is an extremely durable and functional choice for dining rooms as well as outdoor areas. The chair is handcrafted from recycled aluminium, and the manufacturing process has 77 different steps in total. The 1006 Navy chair has a lifetime warranty.

Wilton C. Dinges, the founder of Emeco, designed the original Navy chairs in 1944 for the submarines of the United States Navy. Emeco was commissioned by the U.S. government to produce chairs that would withstand the ruthless sea conditions. Thanks to their modern and minimalist look, the Navy chairs are an excellent choice also for contemporary interiors and a wide range of styles. All Emeco products are manufactured in the USA, using mostly recycled materials.


1006 Navy armchair, brushed aluminum



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Brushed aluminum
53 cm
50 cm
86 cm
Seat height
46 cm
Armrest height
70 cm
Recycled aluminum
3,6 kg
For indoor and outdoor use. The Navy chairs are made by hand, so each piece is unique with subtle differences.
Care instructions
Clean with soap and water, dry with a soft cloth. For outdoor use, it is recommended to clean the chair every two weeks.
Lifetime warranty

Wilton C. Dinges

Wilton Carlyle Dinges (1916–1974), an American toolmaker with an engineering background, founded the world-renowned Emeco in 1944. During WWII, Dinges designed the extra-durable 1006 Navy chairs for the U.S. Navy, and they have remained among Emeco’s best-known products until today. The Emeco factory, founded by Dinges in 1944, still continues to operate in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

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