The Cubile 160 bed by Collaboratorio is named after the beds of Ancient Rome: in addition to an actual bed, the word cubile denotes more generally a place of rest. The beautifully natural untreated oak highlights Cubile’s simple form and brings a sense of calmness to the bedroom. The bed fits a 160x210 cm mattress and is 21,5 cm high, and it can be assembled without any screws or tools. The spare and sleek Cubile is the perfect choice for a minimalist home.

The Cubile bed can be supplemented with the Cubile 160 headboard and the  Cubile 160 desk that can function either as a nightstand or a work desk and that can also be slid inside the headboard when not in use. The Cubile bed system is made ecologically in Finland, with the cabinetmakers using as much of the oak wood as possible to prevent materials from going to waste.


Cubile 160 bed, oak



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218 cm
160 cm
21,5 cm
Untreated oak
43 kg
Delivered flat-packed. The mattress in the pictures measures 160 x 200 cm. It is also possible to pair the bed with a smaller mattress, in which case the slats will be more visible on both sides.


Collaboratorio is a Finnish-Italian architecture studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded by Kristiina Kuusiluoma and Martino de Rossi in 2016, Collaboratorio’s work is based on collaboration, craftsmanship and simple yet experimental solutions. Collaboratorio strives to create aesthetically pleasing living environments that fit the contemporary urban context, using natural and sustainable materials. In 2017, Collaboratorio’s Cubiculum, a wholesome place of rest, was awarded the Golden Prize in the Home Revisited design competition organised by the Asko Foundation.

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