Lillagunga Classic swing, oak - black

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Classic swing by Lillagunga is a reinvented version of a classic wooden swing. Made of sturdy solid wood and coloured ropes, the Classic swing can be used anywhere in the house, or out in the terrace. A patented mechanism for attaching the ropes and adjusting the height of the seat makes it easy and secure to use. The seat has five imprints that increase friction and comfort. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the elegant Lillagunga products have been build to last.

Anton Stenfors
Wooden parts: natural oak / rope: black
Oil treated oak, polypropylene
Width 46 cm, depth 18 cm, thickness 2 cm, rope length 3,2 m, rope diameter 1 cm
The oak model is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Not suitable for children under 3 years. The maximum permitted weight of a person using the swing chair is 60 kg. The swing fits for room heights of 200-280 cm.
Included in the package is a seat, 4 rope blocks, 2 swing ropes and 2 swivels


Anton Stenfors

Anton Stenfors

Anton Stenfors is the CEO of the Finnish design company Uniq Works. Stenfors got the idea for the Lillagunga swing, when he one summer wanted to buy a wooden swing for his sons. However he noticed that this was difficult and had to take a plastic swing instead. This broke down fast in use and the only thing that was left was to white ropes, each forming a loop. Stenfors happened to see a wooden plank and got the idea to create the Lillagunga swing.

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