The Voi knife, made of maple wood, is a minimalist version of a traditional wooden butter knife. Designed by Yoshimada Yomada, the Voi butter knife is ideal for spreading butter on bread, but also spreads cream cheese, jams, peanut butter and hummus smoothly and easily with its maple blade. The beautiful partly darkened surface of the spatula is achieved by charring it – this is a traditional Japanese finishing method and surface treatment for wooden products. The name of the knife, Voi, means butter in Finnish.

Hand-crafted in Finland, the Voi butter knife is part of the Lokal Kollektion series by the Helsinki-based gallery Lokal. The collection consists of unique, locally-manufactured products made in small-scale production, many even by hand in the designers' own workshops.

Voi butter knife, partly charred maple

Lokal Helsinki



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Partly charred maple
Natural, black

Yoshimasa Yamada

Yoshimasa Yamada is a Japanese-born woodworker and architect who specializes in wooden objects, furniture and buildings. He runs his own company UUP, established in 2012, in an old, renovated horse stable in Billnäs, Finland. Yamada is a PhD student at the Tampere University of Technology and he holds a master's degree in architecture. In 2011, Yamada won the first prize at the Habitare Design Competition with his outdoor toilet.

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