The OFFCUTS collection by Wooden is crafted using, as the name suggests, offcut wood from the woodworking company’s projects – the boxes, for example, are made using offcuts of wooden beds frames. All of Wooden’s timber is sustainably sourced and certified, and using leftover materials makes it even more sustainable.

With the OFFCUTS series, Wooden not only wants to make use of materials that would otherwise go to waste but also to challenge the traditions of the industry. Relying on the concept of Digital Craftsmanship, the items are manufactured as automatically as possible using machining robots and minimizing the amount of handcraft. Thanks to the natural material, each object is still unique with varying colours and wood grain patterns.

The Boxette set includes two boxes of different sizes, which can be used as trays on the desk, in the kitchen or on a bathroom countertop. The boxes can be used either together or separately, and they can be stacked to make an organizer for office supplies or other small items.

Offcuts Boxette box set, oiled ash




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Certified ash, paraffin oil
Oiled ash

Ola Kukkasniemi

Ola Kukkasniemi is a Finnish cabinetmaker and founder of woodworking company Wooden. Focusing on solid wood furniture, Kukkasniemi has long experience in the industry: Wooden was established as early as 1994. Since then, Wooden has become on of the most acclaimed woodworking companies in Finland.

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