Iwatemo’s Kobukura bowls are inspired by cups traditionally used for drinking sake. Designed by Kazuyoshi Osawa, the small bowls are also perfect for serving dipping sauce, sweets or desserts.

The ceramic bowls are made by hand, on the potter’s wheel, in the Iwate prefecture in Japan. The material, soft white clay, comes from the Kyusyu island located in southern Japan, and natural wood ash is used as glaze according to centuries-old Japanese production methods. Iwatemo porcelain dishes are fired 1.5 times longer than usual in order to increase their durability.

Due to the traditional manufacturing methods, each individual bowl will have unique marks and textures characteristic of hand-made ceramics. To emphasize this, the artisan has given the bowl a slightly rough surface. It may also, for example, have horizontal lines that are created by larger particles of clay when the item is shaped on the potter’s wheel or dark spots that can form in the kiln when iron particles in the ash glaze react with oxygen. These unique textures and details make Iwatemo ceramics uniquely beautiful examples of traditional Japanese artisanship.

KO Kobukura bowl, S


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Kazuyoshi Osawa

Kazuyoshi Osawa is a Japanese ceramic craftsman who works at the Tourai porcelain studio located in the Iwate prefecture in Japan. Owasa has designed products for the brand Iwatemo, establishes as a result of collaboration between Finnish designers and Japanese craftsmen.

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