Cover Story’s interior paint in the shade 032 Karen is the perfect mustard paint whose yellow-brown tone recalls the cosy atmosphere of old wooden houses. The spicy tone also adds a lovely contrast to modern decors. The paint has a matte finish that provides a velvety smooth, non-reflective surface.

Cover Story’s high-quality interior paints are suitable for both walls and ceilings. The eco-friendly, water-based paints are safe to use indoors, as they are odourless and do not emit harmful VOCs into the indoor air. The paints are plastic-free and therefore breathable, making them also suitable for wooden surfaces.

Tips for purchasing Cover Story paints:

  • One can of paint will cover a surface of 30–40 m². Count the amount of paint needed by multiplying the wall or ceiling width with its length. We recommend then doubling that, as the best result is achieved with two coats of paint.
  • It is advisable to always use a sample before painting – lighting has a huge impact on how a particular shade looks in a particular space! Cover Story’s no-mess adhesive paint samples are available for purchase separately.

Interior paint, 3,6 L, 032 KAREN - mustard

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Plastic-free, water-based paint in a metal can


Cover Story Paint sample, 032 KAREN - mustard

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