Serax's Holding On is a simple, sophisticated rack made of iron, on which you can hang both towels and your outfit of the day. The sleek stand designed by Antonino Sciortino is both graceful and charismatic, and it brings a bit of elegance to everyday routines.

Holding On towel rack, black




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Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino is an Italian artist known for his elaborate metalwork as well as his spectacular career as a dancer and choreographer. A native of Palermo, Italy, Sciortino began practising moulding metal at his brother's blacksmith's workshop when he was no older than eight, and even though the following decades took him in a different direction – dancing – Sciortino returned to the furnace at a more mature age. Sciortino's simple yet sophisticated metal sculptures draw inspiration from his career as a dancer and combine the heavy, rigid material with free-slowing movement in a fascinating way.

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