To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Northern's Birdy table lamp has dressed in a stylish brushed aluminium outfit. The charming table light is a remake of a modern luminaire designed in 1952 by Norwegian Birger Dahl. In 1954 the luminaire, then named s-30016, was exhibited at the Milan Triennale, where it was awarded a gold medal. Northern took this legendary luminaire back into production in 2013, ensuring that the original shape and soft light of the s-30016 lamp are still present in the Birdy. 

What makes the Birdy table lamp so loved is its clean geometric design language and elegant details that make it ideal for many spaces and interiors. The aluminium shade of the lamp resembles a bird: when you move the shade around by adjusting the steelhead, it looks like a curious little bird is looking around. The elegant Birdy table lamp is a stylish choice for a reading light on a bedside table or a work lamp in a home office, but it can also be used to create mood lighting in restaurants and other public spaces.

Only five hundred Birdy lamps have been manufactured for the anniversary year. Each lamp is numbered.

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Shade material: aluminium.
Body material: steel.

Birger Dahl

Birger Dahl (1916 - 1998) was one of the greatest pioneers of Scandinavian lighting design. He was born in Moss, Norway, and studied at the Norwegian National School of Art (SHKS), where he later also worked. Dahl's career in lighting design began when he worked as chief designer at Sønnico from 1945 to 1957. It was during this period that he created the famous Dokka pendant lamp, which was the first Norwegian lamp ever to win a gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1954. The legendary luminaire put Norwegian lighting design in the international spotlight.

Although Dahl is particularly recognised for his lamps, he is also considered one of Norway's leading post-war interior designers. In his work and design philosophy, he particularly emphasised the purity of form of an object, rather than hiding it behind decorative details. This explains why lamps like Doka and Birdy have fitted in different kinds of homes and interiors for years.

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