The August sun lounger by Serax is the perfect addition to any outdoor lounge area. The minimalist sunbed is equipped with wheels and an adjustable backrest that allow you to enjoy the rays in your preferred spot, in your preferred position.

The August outdoor collection by Serax, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, was originally designed to be used on the terrace of a hotel in Antwerp. The hotel building used to be the monastery of a military hospital, and this is where the inspiration for August came from – the ascetic way of life of monks. The beautifully minimalistic August collection has been stripped of anything unnecessary, leaving only the essential. Additionally, the products in the August collection are slightly wider and lower, in order to bring additional comfort without compromising on the simplicity of the design.

August sun lounger, black


16155 SEK


3–4 weeks


Powder-coated aluminium

Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen (b. 1962) is a Belgian designer who has also found success as an architect and an interior designer. Van Duysen’s products are timeless and simple in design, as he strives to focus only on the essential.

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Serax August sun lounger cushion, white

In stock soon 7461 SEK

Serax August sun lounger cushion, green

Available for order 8871 SEK

Serax August sun lounger cushion, black

Available for order 8871 SEK