Free interior design help (level 3 & 4 members): One of the interior designers at the Finnish Design Shop Studio will help you solve your decoration problems by defining up to 5 matching products for a space in your home. As a result, your home will get a new look and added functionality!

Level 3 & 4

How it works:

Contact our Studio by e-mail. We will then contact you and ask for the necessary measurements, photos and other basic information to be provided digitally. In 1-2 weeks, you will get a detailed shopping list of max 5 products for a certain space of your home, tailored to your budget and taste.

· You can only get help for one room / space at a time.

· The free interior design help doesn’t include further changes or further consultation.

· Doesn’t include visual renderings, full concepts or floorplans.

· Doesn’t include a personal or remote meeting with the designer.

· You will get a 10 % (level 3) or 15 % (level 4) discount on ordered products.