Tala's Echo chandelier catches the eye with its minimalist, fascinatingly unusual design conceived by New York-based designer David Weeks. The suspension light comprises asymmetrically intersecting metal cylinders with perfectly round light bulbs at their ends, forming a cluster that resembles a gently gleaming cloud. Tala's own Sphere IV bulbs feature a frosted matte finish that filters the light softly and pleasantly, and their Dim to Warm technology assures a smooth transition from cool bright light to a warm, atmospherical glow – an effect similar to old incandescent bulbs.

Due to its distinctive, contemporary design, Davis Weeks' Echo is sure to leave a lasting impression in any space. “Asymmetry is achieved by working backwards, starting at the end. We decide where we want the bulbs to go and then solve the problem of getting them there. This way awkwardness always has a remedy; it gets reconciled along the way. The result is off-kilter but wholly balanced,” says the designer.

Echo chandelier, white


12357,00 NOK


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Powder-coated steel

David Weeks, of David Weeks Studio, is a New York-based multidisciplinary designer best known for his sculptural lighting designs – he has even been credited as the founding father of North American lighting design. Weeks, who holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, founded his Brooklyn-based studio in 1996.

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