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Jonas Hakaniemi (b. 1975) is a Finnish designer who graduated as a furniture designer from the Lahti Institute of Design. He has broad experience in the field of graphical industry and in the past, he has worked in a printing house, in a newspaper, and as an AD in an advertising agency. Nowadays Jonas Hakaniemi focuses on product, interior and graphic design.

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When Jonas was still a student, he designed the lamp Box Light, which was awarded in 2009 with the prestigious honourable mention in the Red Dot Design Award. The project dates back to year 2005, when Jonas had just applied for the Lahti Institute of Design. He took part in a workshop where they had to make a lamp of recyclable materials, with a 2 euro budget. He decided to put a small led light into a matchbox and that’s where the idea for the Box Light came from, a lamp in which the light can be regulated by moving the lid. At school he started to develop the project and when in 2007 he went with the school to the Milano Fair, the prototype of the Box Light was displayed there. The lamp is now manufactured by Design House Stockholm. Jonas Hakaniemi is a versatile designer and gets the inspiration for his works from the things happening around him. He finds contrasts and opposites extremely interesting, and the best works often come from them.