The Monocle Guide To Hotels, Inns and Hideaways provides inspiring and fresh perspectives on accommodation both from the point of view of a traveller as well as aspiring hoteliers. The editorial team of the British lifestyle magazine Monocle has chosen 100 of their favourite accommodations from around the world and come up with a list of key features for a perfect – albeit imaginary – hotel, along with tips and tricks from professionals on how to run a successful hotel. The colourful and visually appealing book has been printed on thick paper. The Monocle Guide To Hotels, Inns and Hideaways is part of the Monocle series published by Gestalten.

Monocle’s latest book will tell you where to find a top hotel—and also how to design or run your own. Both inspirational and packed with insight, it will be a must-have guide for the globally minded. Over the past decade, Monocle editors have been writing about—and staying in—plenty of hotels. They’ve put to the test everything from cosy inns in the backstreets of Beirut to cutting-edge offerings from international brands in New York, Tokyo and beyond. At the heart of everything has been one guiding principle: to find stop-ins that get the simple things right and understand the value of thoughtful hospitality.

The Monocle Guide To Hotels, Inns and Hideaways


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