Paustian's Wolfard is a classic oil lamp originally blown by Californian Jon Wolfard as a gift for his wife Linda in 1972. The lamp made such an impression on the Wolfards' friends and family that Jon eventually built a glass-blowing studio in his garage – and the rest is history. The charming oil lamp is a design classic which can be found in private homes and cottages as well as restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces around the world. Wolfard oil lamps are made from high-quality, durable borosilicate glass by mouth-blowing using a special in-flame technique that requires a highly skilled glassblower.

The Wolfard oil lamp is suitable for many occasions: summer evenings on the terrace, to light up a romantic dinner, or illuminate a darkening night on the coffee table. It's also a great gift idea, whether it's a wedding, housewarming, birthday or just an everyday gift for no reason – a classic lamp will suit many interiors and is sure to delight its recipient! The glass lamp comes in a beautiful Paustian gift box which contains the oil lamp, the instruction manual, wick and oil re-filler.

Wolfard oil lamp, medium, clear glass


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Hand-blown glass

Jon Wolfard was a glassblower, especially known for his beautiful oil lamps. He originally worked for a research company in California until 1972, when he blew a charming oil lamp as a gift for his wife Linda. The couple's friends and loved ones became so fascinated with the lamp that Jon eventually set up a small glass-blowing company in his garage. Together with his wife, they started selling oil lamps at art fairs and small shops, and the rest is history. Today, the Wolfard oil lamp is a favourite of art and design lovers all around the world.

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