The Ildpot deep dish is part of the 1970s popular stoneware collection that has been reintroduced by the Danish company FDB Møbler. The Ildpot series is based on a very unique ceramic material that can distribute heat perfectly and withstand large temperature fluctuations. Designer Grethe Meyer aimed at creating a highly versatile stoneware range that would be equally well suited for cooking, serving and storing food. The Ildpot bowls and dishes can be moved directly from freezer to oven, from oven to dining table and from dining table to dishwasher.

Originally released in 1976 by Royal Copenhagen, the Ildpod collection went out of production in the 1980s because of changing trends. However, its popularity has recently revived, and the dishes have been in high demand in the second-hand market. Thanks to FDB Møbler’s relaunch, the iconic tableware series is again available for everyone. The timeless character, calm colour palette and light, stackable design make the Ildpod collection ideal for contemporary dining.

V30 Ildpot deep dish, oval, medium

FDB Møbler

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Unglazed stoneware

Grethe Meyer

Grethe Meyer (1918-2008) was a Danish architect and designer specialising in cutlery and ceramics. Meyer became best-known for the several popular designs she created for tableware brand Royal Copenhagen, but collaborated with a variety of design companies during her career.

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