Skandinavisk’s scented candle Snö features a fresh wintery scent with notes of winter berries and frozen wood. Delivered in a beautiful gift box, the 2-wick candle has a wooden lid and a burn time of approximately 50 hours.

Skandinavisk’s scented candles feature unique fragrances inspired by the nature, seasons, cities and traditions of Scandinavia. The hand-poured candle comes in an attractive, dishwasher-proof glass votive which can be re-used as a glass jar or tealight holder. The candle wax is made using sustainably sourced, Swedish non-GMO rapeseed oil and blended to burn slowly and evenly with no harmful emissions. Skandinavisk’s scented candles are lovely decorative items and a delight for many senses.

Scented candle with lid, SNÖ, 2-wick


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Painted glass votive with blend of perfume and sustainably-sourced vegetable wax, cotton wick, sustainably sourced oak lid
White, oak